The Best of Both Worlds


A boutique firm, with its roots in the Big 4 accounting firms


All our professionals are CPAs trained in the Big 4 public accounting firms, now specializing in royalty audits. A Managing Director or Director leads every site visit, providing a level of attention and expertise unsurpassed by other firms.

Our Executive Team has been working side by side for more than twenty-five years in the Intellectual Property ("IP") area. They started in the auditing and consulting practice of a Big 4 (then 8) accounting firm. In a few short steps our core group had originated our predecessor firm, Invotex Group.

The Invotex Group IP practice area originally involved calculating damages in infringement scenarios for clients. You may recall seeing Invotex Group in the news as the damages expert in high profile intellectual property disputes such as Apple v. Samsung.


While performing these infringement analyses, we noticed that license agreements were often overlooked and frequently associated with severely underreported or even nonexistent royalty payments. As the Invotex Group IP practice grew into a nationally recognized and respected firm, the underreported royalty trend became even more apparent — so much so that we were compelled to introduce our clients to the concept of the "Royalty Audit" and the importance of verifying whether or not reported royalties were complete, accurately calculated, and ultimately paid by licensees when considering the terms and conditions in the IP license agreement.

InvotexIP is delighted at the success shared with our loyal clients who successfully collect the royalties they worked so hard to negotiate. We give respectful thanks to our Invotex Group roots as we continue to emerge and look forward to the years ahead.