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September 10, 2015

Top 5 Questions to Ask Licensees

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InvotexIP conducts global royalty audits through experienced dedicated teams using professional persistence to maximize the value of royalty streams


Given the significant impact licensing can have on the bottom line, organizations are focusing on the revenue potential of these intangible assets. Moreover, with increasing frequency, management is being held accountable for enforcing policies and procedures that expect full income realization related to license revenue. Our Invotex IP royalty compliance experts provide third party analysis of the accuracy and completeness of license revenues and assess the licensees’ compliance with the related license agreement terms. Our professionals have audited royalty streams across all industries and types of licensee/licensor relationships. Drawing upon this integrated experience, we offer a level of expertise unsurpassed by other firms. We consistently uncover inaccurate reporting and our clients have recovered over $250 million of royalty revenue based on our audits.

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Media Release - July 14, 2015

14th InvotexIP Royalty Compliance Report

Becoming the Minority

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Who Is Keeping An Eye On Your Royalty Income? 

87% of Audited Licensees Underreport and Underpay Royalties 

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